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The book titles you see here were selected because
we believe they can help you understand,
enjoy, and collect this art.

You will find books explaining the history
of pueblo pottery, the methods used to make it,
and information about the potters themselves.


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A basic primer covering each pueblo
and an example of their pottery.

This book has a list price of $3.95,
we offer it for $3.00


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If we were to have but 1 pueblo pottery reference book, this is it.
The title says it all - Southwestern Pottery, Anasazi to Zuni.

This book has a list price of $21.95,
we offer it for $18.00


Acoma.jpg (14666 bytes)

Here is another must have book for the
Acoma Pueblo pottery collector.
It is filled with information available no where else.
  Especially usefull for its historic photos and text.

The list price is $29.95, we offer this
book for $25.00


MariaM.jpg (14804 bytes)

An important addition to any collector's library,
filled with photos of Maria and her work.

The list price is $45.00, we offer this
book for $38.00


Nampeyo.jpg (7866 bytes)

A must have for anyone interested in Hopi pottery.
  It has much historic information and
many rare photo's available nowhere else.

The list price is $29.95, we offer this
book for $24.00


SantaClara.jpg (7504 bytes)

A technical book,
although it concentrates on making Santa Clara pottery
these techniques are used by most pueblos.

It is filled with photos.

It has a list price of $12.95,
we offer it for $10.00


Talking.jpg (8099 bytes)

A terrific book covering most aspects of pueblo pottery.
Beautifully illustrated with text about pottery technique,
information about the pueblos and
stories about many pueblo potters.

The list price is $17.95,
we offer it for $14.00


Storytellers.jpg (12214 bytes)

A very comprehensive review
of storyteller pottery and potters.

It begins with pre-historic references, notes, and photo's.
It then covers the re-introduction of storytellers by Helen Cordero
and brings us into the progress of
storyteller pottery to the mid 1980"s.

It is an important reference book with
many photo's and illustrations.

The list price is $25.95, we offer it for $21.00


PuebloStories.jpg (9346 bytes)

Nicely illustrated with a variety of storyteller pottery photo's,
text about the pueblos, and legends.

This book has a list price of $12.95,
we offer it for $10.00


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