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Pueblo Pottery
Handmade Indian Pottery
from Acoma to Zuni

Here is great collection of

Investment grade pottery from the Pueblo Indians
of the American Southwest.

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Pueblo Indian Potters use clay they gather themselves,
usually from sacred tribal land.

They sift and clean the clay as they've done for centuries.

Sometimes today Indian potters use commercial, ceramic molds
(also called cast or slip-cast or greenware) to save work.
Sedonawolf does NOT sell it.

The pottery you see here is from established
Pueblo potters and is entirely made
in the traditional (hand-coiled) way.

The ancient process of making coiled pottery begins with
the artist gathering clay, plants, minerals, and
shards of broken pottery from the reservation.

The clay is then cleaned and soaked.

  Paints, dyes and brushes are also made from local plants.

In the most revered pueblo pottery,
old pottery shards are ground down and mixed with the clay.

The shards act as a temper or grout and help prevent the new pot
from shrinking or cracking during the drying process.

Also, old pottery shards provide an important spiritual
connection to the past.

The clay is rolled and coiled to form the new pot.

After the pot is shaped,
a slip (a fine sand or clay mixture) is applied.

The pot is now polished, painted,  and fired.

Some potters fire in kilns others use traditional, outside adobe ovens.

Pueblo Indian hand-coiled pottery is quite collectible and
often increases in value over time.
  Older examples of pueblo pottery
are often found in major auctions from companies
like Christie's and Sotheby's.

These are collectable works of the potter's art
and are meant for display only.

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